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At the outset of each engagement, our Directors will follow Redline’s DADD model to bring actionable form to whatever strategic or economic challenge our client has entrusted Redline to develop a solution for.


A complimentary initial consultation provides clients with a discreet venue to share ambitions with one of our Directors. Together we sightsee Redline’s specialties, identify any resource constraints, and collectively ascertain how to shape an engagement to best serve client intended OCM and PMO objectives.

Generally these consultations are scheduled as in-phone interviews, on site at client offices, or in person at any one of our Hong Kong or Singapore centers.


Redline will combine client objectives and desired KPIs into a concise no frills proposal. Our Engagement Agreement provides the logistical and financial frameworks Redline will employ to address our client’s business needs with the best combination of bespoke service and affordability.


Redline will schedule a brief orientation to help introduce and frame the Engagement Agreement priorities with client stakeholders and their team lead. We provide our clients with a single accountable access point.

Progress reports and periodic evaluations are shareable through our secure online dashboard or through any combination of in-person or phone appointments. Redline will ensure any planned changes pass key economic tests prior while safely insulating client mission critical processes and key revenue generators from any disruption.


To measure performance, Redline presents original client KPI alongside our Engagement Agreement results with supplemental solutions to rectify any failings.

After-service is available with most engagements including options to have Redline consultants stay aboard to ensure transitions have reinforcements available at critical junctures.

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