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Say goodbye to “linear” thinking…
and hello to enterprise-wide “cognition”

For all the value Computers provide in answers they still need People to ask the questions. DADD is Redline’s proprietary model that ensures the right ones are being tasked. From Cognition to Ignition.

Listen to develop the minimum understanding of client expectations prior to imagining solutions

Park aside assumptions to spark an organic exchange to help client identify tangible KPI

Amalgamate all available knowledge resources to form a practical solution within budget


Now comes the hard part. Relationships

Critical to achieving results yet so easy to undermine, adaptation is an emotional bingo ranging from apprehension to assurance. At Redline, the first priority in each engagement is your People.

Change, what’s in it for them? A job is an economic relationship that change can amplify or threaten. You’ve provided us with a “why” but we won’t get to the desirable “how” without first attending to all in the “who” category.

Depending on the assignment, we create a simple 30 minute beta to introduce stakeholder visions to the people who will be ultimately living with these results. “Who”, “what”, and “why” are all introduced with the aim to secure a collective buy in of an achievable “how”.

How do you “do”? APIARY or not, whole AGILE roles can follow with support from Flock or Slack and Trello or Priority Matrix – your Mindjet mapped strategy for Scrum Master, Team Members, and Product owner with results feeding up to Stakeholders in real time. Redline has a wide network of Domain experts to help us see through invisible walls.

Have your “why” ready? Find out how Redline can help you with your “how” – right now.

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