The Redline Ventures Fund is the library where accredited private and institutional investors go to for straightforward counsel on  portfolio composition across a  myriad of macro, fixed income,  and distressed credit opportunities.

Investing viewed as a "choice" rather than a "mandate" relieves managers and clients alike from conflicting advice freeing…

…each to marry into a bespoke strategy that defines and preserves generational wealth in any market won by measured gains rather than lottery.

The landing from a fall from sky is only as high you set the floor. Initiating early entry ensures recovery from rainy days is not a perilous flood but…

… simply a journey requiring galoshes. The Redline Ventures Fund can spot early opportunity before peddlers can inflate value away or navigate you to a lossless exit if already rooted.

Ultimate value is derived through accumulation of intangibles backed by real assets. To be an accumulator requires…

…fishing in open seas but spearheading only narrow agendas. Redline Ventures Fund can help identify and execute upon a narrative that fits your agenda – not someone else’s.

To develop an investment narrative befitting your family office we start with a single premise – “all advice commences and concludes from a no frills single transparent fee based upon practical and functional strategic investment advice.” This relationship only evolves with our performance or leads to a divorce for a failure to deliver it.

As no individual investor has needs alike smartly matching the appropriate capital input to return relationship ensures costs are minimized and expectations maximized. To discover the Redline Ventures Fund approach we invite you to explore the below placards detailing how we approach portfolio diversification across some popular asset classes.

Pure macro relies on a manager’s broad sector understanding and ability to balance the equity allocation of their portfolio into either active narrow strategies or passive cyclical and index based investing. Diversification issues aside, both share an equal adhesion to market gyrations many of which are uncontrollable by any manager. Value investing requires entry and exit accuracy – options that are often unattractive for extended periods.
Redline Ventures Fund will partition macro equity strategies based upon a client’s portfolio duration, income needs, and both domestic and cross border tax planning. With the arrival of AI and machine learning the trading landscape has shifted reposting traditional value managers to the backbench. Algo-driven gyrations are often domino casualties in a client’s portfolio with shorter durations. For client’s interested in leveraging capital we identify the sector exposure and FX variables that could either amplify or torpedo value.
Communicating the importance of leverage and how others may employ, or retard, it is essential for the client to consider when embarking on a macro equity allocation. While macro equity index investing in the past has provided a strong correlative protection to inflation this relationship is decoupling due to the traditional inflationary markers being replaced by innovation in renewables, IT, agribusiness, transportation, and communication.
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Once seen as secure middle path investing choice most fixed income returns have suffered greatly during the worldwide erosion of yields – “death by ZIRP.” However, quality returns in fixed income can still be returned via trading against the long term fixed income needs of institutional investors such as pension funds or life insurance companies both of which must invest existing capital into fixed income products to meet expected liabilities as they mature.
Redline Ventures Fund managers canvass market reports, economic indicators, and government policy to determine both direction and associated volatility in any modified duration specific to a fixed income market. Access to liquid and moderately priced hedging instruments help us to short or leverage into fixed income products during changes in interest rate policy. While most of the developed world seems handicapped by excessive servicing debt the amount of cumulative capital injected since the GFC and COVID 19 has almost quadrupled.
Inflation is present but the traditional filtering of wage growth into manufacturing and labor costing prices haven’t materialized due to the advancements in technology and automation. Any Redline Ventures Fund partition into fixed income begins with a thorough assessment of our client’s underlying income needs over periods of time. We believe that the threat of inflation affecting yields will be tame given most developed markets indebtedness and their ability to only service but not reduce it.
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With all the advancements in trading and portfolio management sophistication long term investors should really only rely on a single metric – FCF or “free cash flow”. When properly structured to enforce covenants of cross collateralization, seniority access to AR and other receivables, and other event driven controls one can produce handsome double digit FCF returns year on year without suffering from many of the economic, political, and sector headwinds that plague macro and fixed income.
No one remembers any business owner who went into business to fail – this presents a healthy moral baseline to build a lender-driven equation preconditioned for an “I win you win” or “you lose but I don’t” outcome. The Redline Ventures Fund managers leading our distressed opportunities practice have seasoned experience in identifying capital starved companies who are asset rich in long term fixed sector specific equipment, intangibles, or trapped goodwill.
We look at various outcomes of either ROIC based return investment or salvage based value extraction. Many of the investment contracts can be individually tailored with front end passive losses that can reward tax credit long portfolios. We will only partition investment allocation into distressed opportunities after our client acknowledges that outcomes can be widely influenced by duration with periods of low or no income coupled by the majority of distressed investments being illiquid.
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Interested in becoming a client? Redline Ventures Fund employs a straightforward six step client onboarding process.
It begins with a complimentary consultation with one of our Fund directors and costs nothing until your portfolio accumulation period begins.

We explore and understand your portfolio requirements and expectations

We measure your existing assets to achievable KPI

We compose a comprehensive portfolio bespoke to your needs

We provide onboarding services for KYC AML all the way to the bank

Redline Ventures Fund performs to deliver all your desired KPI

We provide the ongoing portfolio management freeing you to just enjoy it

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